MAYBE the pensions fund would be ‘bulletproof’ with £150k in monthly income

Some of Britain’s best-paid civil servants just can’t wait to see the final windfall this summer. That’s because the Government’s premier member of the cabinet – Boris Johnson – has lost more than £12 million of his recent £150,000 salary. Johnson, who has taken the job as Mayor of London a year after being mooted as leader of the Tory party, saw his salary slashed in half to £144,000 since he took office and embarked on a campaign for 30,000 developers in communities including Southwark in south London. Although he has only delayed the cut by 18 months, the payments totalling £52,000 remain down on the £75,000 he was earning with the previous Labour government.

His latest pay packet is said to be far less than the potential pay out of a promised public sector pay rise of 12.3 per cent a year for teachers and other civil servants. Johnson’s 12.3 per cent number has been the subject of three sets of strikes and general protests as he calls on Prime Minister Theresa May to realise the money would be better invested. The Daily Telegraph quoted an anonymous Treasury source saying: “Johnson is obviously worried about his ability to spend his money in London. “He could well be tempted to splash it out on everything from a royal engagement to a valuable footballer’s collectible.” A report last week from VoteLeave said the “London Mayor has brought the Cameron/Johnson back to Number 10 operation down to an all-out war” but conceded it was not “the right tactic to succeed”. However, Johnson has dismissed suggestions there was a tilt to soft-on austerity or to pressure his electorate, insisting he would not back a tax hike, saying: “I think my voters are bigoted. “They want to spend whatever is available. I am not a tax man.”