GETTY Minister Priti Patel has ordered the repatriation of migrants including hundreds of babies

In a move to put an end to crisis of thousands of people trying to join brother and sister families, minister Priti Patel has ordered the repatriation of migrants including hundreds of babies. Speaking to the Guardian, the Leave.EU Brexit campaigner said that hundreds of babies and pregnant women had been moved from the UK since the Brexit vote. She said: “You’ve got hundreds of new arrivals [sitting] on someone’s doorstep without even knowing whether they’re family or not.

They’ve literally met strangers, you don’t know them and you feel quite excluded Priti Patel

“So many people are turning up on a doorstep without knowing whether they’re friends or not, as they’re unaware that they’re put at risk. “People will come in with babies, with pregnant women, because they’ve simply met strangers and felt quite excluded.” The newly repatriated families have been helping other migrants in Channel Islands and are working to better understand how people have made the perilous journey to the UK.

GETTY More than 4,000 migrants have arrived in Dover in just the last two weeks

Sixteen young men, aged 19 to 27, have been sent home after they had been apprehended in Calais. A spokesman for Viva Europe, the organisation which co-ordinates the repatriation of migrants, said: “We’ve seen the problems faced by the new arrivals and their welcome. “We’re trying to make sure all of them get the psychological support and help they need to be able to start rebuilding their lives back in their homeland. “There were some who arrived with nothing but cash and are now starting to benefit.”

GETTY Priti Patel (right) has ordered repatriation of migrants including hundreds of babies

Priti Patel first suggested the repatriation scheme last month, but has not had support from many in her party. The Euro MP said: “People from France, Italy and Germany are flying their families there with them or offering to help. “I’m pretty appalled at the idea of people being here with just so much less material than they would have had.” Ms Patel said last year that there was a “genuinely unacceptable” level of European migrant arrivals and “hundreds” had been sent home.