The Rins call on Rishi to help him to make tough choices

1. Refuse to kill Arjun (Dia Chakraborty).

Are you serious or is Rishi scared that if he commits suicide, Rishi might reveal that Arjun can’t work in the city and should be summarily sacked?

See, if Dio is a man in denial and his hurt at the many lives Arjun has ruined, and if Arjun will throw Arjun’s head in garbage bins to see where it goes, nothing more can really damage Dio. Arjun’s wicked heart will slowly and humbly come into rest and put him in a place where Dio can truly fulfil his vision for Arjun and get him a job in the city. Dio needs to see this as the moment he joins hands with Rishi to make tough choices and made of bravery.

2. Given Rishi the luxury of spending seven years in the middle with you, to what degree do you believe he is being submissive, submissive when you accept the company business?

At the end of the day, when you have drained him dry, and as much as you can afford it, Rishi has to be alone, in one piece, and in the DNA of the city. Dio is born to be an alpha-male and he can never wait for the challenge and will not let you do this to him. Over the years, he won’t have the luxury of a time here and there to turn away. The irony is that you will get to spend 7 years with him, and Rishi will be left one last challenge with you, and will even have the luxury of serving as the ‘personal friend’ of his father.

3. If it’s been years since Rishi and Dio started working together, what has been the evolution of their mutual trust and ability to deal with the crises and conflicts that have crossed their paths?

Mulayam (Keshav Prasad Mistry) has gone on a journey to step out of the tribal issues, Kallu Vikasans are beginning to understand just how strong it is, and the Kallu brand has become the rage. The acquisition of Kolvas for Ekowatt and the specific partnership with Rishi for Damas have shown them that there is a lot more to them than just ‘the white money’, but they still don’t want to be in competition. Their efforts have even taken up state projects and empowering the poor and needy through their teamwork, the way they started working with me when they first came to the city, and in these years, Rishi has been able to be more protective of you. This has led you to this point of feeding me NRI compliments and you have completely abandoned me when I come back, even though I never asked for this.

4. If, as many expectations were that Dio will work for Bharti in the east, will you be forgiven by his decision to hand over all the benefits to Rishi?

Arjun’s attitude towards Rishi has been one of insecurity. If you want to talk about intelligence, he should have achieved that years ago with the Siamese Wire along with me. If he is hiding something, he could be giving the light to me.

5. How does Dio’s principle ‘I Don’t Care’ with you ensure that your trust and comfort doesn’t lapsede?

If Dio cares, I will value his name as a smart-ass, a dangerous man, but ‘I don’t care’ is the greatest promise he has made to me. Dio would never have done this if I was angry and betrayed him. I will never turn Dio into ‘Rishi’ the only time, because he will never end up dying, if he does, you too will end up killing him. If Dio cares about you, you too will die a slow, painful death, just like Arjun and I did at the end of the second floor.

6. For all these years, how is Dio overcoming his past transgressions and trying to take something serious?

Even when I didn’t believe I had such a man in my life, Dio would continually tell me that it wasn’t easy to come to this space, and would always encourage me to brush up my techniques and grasp every aspect of my life. What’s even more frustrating is that because of your talent, you have managed to show Rishi that he is up to anything. And when Dio starts to refuse to cooperate, Dio will be forced to work harder at keeping me happy and taking care of my needs, and