More people, more companies in publishing, more companies, more opportunities and problems. We have been here before, in this great world of life. We tend to forget how quickly these new companies can replace everything for our benefit.

At one time publishing was a profitable source of income, and earning books kept consumers coming back more often for the books. Also of course, there were music companies, and movie companies, and toy companies and thousands more that added to the literature that kept millions of people coming back.

Then came the last of those days, when so many people stopped reading that the forces had overwhelmed the simple daily pleasure of reading a book, turned the books into something much deeper that wasn’t profitable, and many of the books that once sold more every day than they did the week before were now being replaced by dozens, if not hundreds of these new products, called ebooks.

In the past few years the title of the article was “Expect Amazon and Apple to Work One Day.”

Now just like that, the next paragraph reads “but I’m here already”.

From the point of view of all the publishing companies, this article has made life complicated and expensive. Though having analyzed it I have not changed anything about it.

I am glad that a new company has launched, and has brought into the world an entrant that most of the publishers would never have considered entering in the first place. Thus, I just have to focus on what the companies are doing right, but I just have to wait and see how they do.