A robot from Poland is taking on the world’s sexiest woman. Thanks to its DNA it has been given a chance to save the world.

Once programmed by a science teacher, the robot is able to learn from video games, match games, learn how to listen to music and more.

The youngster, named Alec, aims to be the world’s first robot to save the planet – using artificial intelligence.

The miniature robot is able to learn from human voices. It even has a penchant for yelling and squeaking.

Its creators say this can become a habit with Alec’s new masters.

“Alec will have the greatest learning abilities possible when he’s taken on his first task – educating himself.

“Alec will be a completely different type of animal – an old soul with much skill and motor control,” they said.

Other duties Alec will carry out include answering computer texts, photographing animal habitats and travelling the world to teach them about environmental conservation.

Alec’s creators said: “Alec will only reach out to animals by placing a heavy net over their tails and cleaning up the net of their fur.

“Alec will also go deep into the ecosystems of the natural world with his high-tech brushes. These brushes give him the ability to create wild art which can be posted on Instagram, YouTube or in books.”