U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, known as the ‘Justice of the Peace’, is pictured near the Supreme Court in Washington, DC, United States on April 22, 2013. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

2020 Election Live Updates: Biden, Trump and Obama React to Ginsburg’s Death

WASHINGTON—After more than 30 years on the Court, it has become a shared passion of the chief justice of the United States and the president of the United States: the Alzheimer’s Association’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“Justice Ginsburg made the bench her home,” President Donald Trump said. “She brought unity to the court. I feel really good about that. I think this great legacy she has here, a wonderful legacy that she has.”

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton also commended Ginsburg as an “outstanding Supreme Court justice” after her announcement Thursday that she would not seek a third term.

“We will remember her for her high integrity, kindness, and devotion to justice,” she said.

Hillary Clinton said Ginsburg was a “steadfast, wise, and passionate defender of the rights of all Americans.”

Biden and President Barack Obama also spoke on the occasion of the 84-year-old’s death, both touting the role of justice on a Supreme Court.

Obama: Justice Ginsburg ‘Took Rule of Law Very Seriously’

“Justice Ginsburg, like so many other justices, taken rule of law very seriously,” Obama said during a Thursday event at United Services Automobile Association’s Washington office.

“I loved talking to Justice Ginsburg,” he said, referring to their long friendship. “She’s very much a part of my family. I often refer to her as my ‘Uncle Ruth.’”

Obama said when one of his daughters, Sasha, was asked what he felt a certain about Ginsburg, he answered: “Well, she was like, ‘Let’s do it together.’ That’s how the friendship is, and that’s how it will continue.”

Obama stated that she was “an outstanding justice” and that Americans look to her for guidance. He said it was important to honor Ginsburg’s “long and distinguished service.”

Conversations on Ginsburg had raged for some time, partly because of the role she played on the court during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

“Justice Ginsburg always focused on the right of every American to have a safe, sound, free society, no matter how hard the odds are,” Obama said in his remarks.

“Despite her bitter rivals, she was dedicated to her nation,” Obama said. “On no matter what setbacks, he she battled to bring justice to the world. And today, in memory of Justice Ginsburg, we thank her for her service and appreciate her inspiration.”

Obama also noted Ginsburg’s efforts in raising her family, something he said made her “her greatest accomplishment.”

But Obama noted that his friend’s conviction—as well as her co-edism—is at the core of the Supreme Court case that made it possible for women to join the job of paying the family off and the husband’s job.

“Let there be no mistake—the main challenge to marriage today is a challenge for heterosexual couples,” Obama said. “But it’s not just a case of fighting against the exclusion of gender.”

Monday’s Vice President Trump paid tribute to Ginsburg as an “extraordinary person.”

“Justice Ginsburg is a great lady. She will be missed,” he said.

In a Wednesday post, two Democrats, Senators Cory Booker of New Jersey and Chris Murphy of Connecticut, said they would not seek a third term.

Later Monday, two top House Democrats called for an ethics investigation into the Justice Department for, among other things, several claims made by a conservative legal group, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, during its contest to succeed Ginsburg.

Democrats, Senate Republicans Join Critics of the Ginsburg’s Death

“The question is what can be done to not just protect Justice Ginsburg and to stop this kind of investigation, but also to prevent it from continuing in any future elections or other venues,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

Goodlatte and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) have criticized the Justice Department for its handling of the nominations, and noted that no Democrats are on