The latest from the Hill:

• The Supreme Court set off a battle in Washington on Tuesday, when news that the court will not hear two cases in the coming weeks, filings by both sides, left both sides with unsettled ground.

“I don’t know where we’re going,” said Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is term-limited and won’t be around for the next administration. “I’m not sure I can take one step forward, and I’m not sure I can take a step back. I want to be on the court.”

The calls for Supreme Court justices to retire from the very moment that new justices take office are sweeping through the court, which operates on a barebones schedule as an absolute haven. That’s starting to include much more than one branch’s agenda.

The court decided not to hear the cases currently pending before the high court this week, leaving open the possibility that the right justices could choose to take those cases later in the term. To hear those cases, however, a new president will have to hold the court’s ear.

The White House remains committed to picking any Supreme Court justice it could — not including Justice Anthony Kennedy, currently the president’s highest ranking dissenter — before leaving office.

Republicans on the court have begun planning for a more Republican-leaning court when President George W. Bush leaves office. They’re betting that by choosing a nominee who has little to no experience in the area, President Donald Trump can make up for his initial court pick, Anthony Kennedy, who unexpectedly chose to retire.