Podcasts founder David Gulden looks at the rise of the robot revolution in the US.

It’s the year 2025 and robots are already at work across much of the developed world. Developers have discovered how to utilise the machines, yet the rise of artificial intelligence in industry, education and public spaces is expected to see automation capture even more of our lives and industries in the coming decades.

With this in mind, if you’re a developer working in the field of robotics, it’s your job to build systems and machines that employ people, and have the ability to interact and communicate with a human being. Beyond their impact on the company, robotics is forecast to have a dramatic impact on our lifestyles and perceptions of the future.

Extract: robot revolution in the US

But what does it mean for developers working in the field of robotic technology, and are they right to expect robots to completely replace humans?

Interviewer Dr David Gulden goes behind the scenes of the robotics laboratories in Cambridge, England, where he interviews a team of researchers who are creating machines that can produce complex all-terrain vehicles and wine tasting machines.

Selected guest contributors

Odell Dziennik, Engineer, MakersLab P & Masters Of Touch @ Gamma Robotics

L. Choi, Studio Manager, Gizmodo UK

Cheetah Nanoy, Owner, Gowra Technologies

Jokqiang Wang, Scales Engineer, Particle Chemical Engineering Laboratory, CERN

Huang Jing, Lecturer, PhD R & D, the University of Cambridge

Mia Gorman, Professor of Computer Science, University of Newcastle, UK

Jamie Imbert, Director, Media & Communications, Cambridge, UK