Editor’s Note: The National Conference on Censorship to be held Oct. 9-10, at the Constitutional Center, in Washington, will address a number of matters with regard to obscenity in America. It should be noted that this event is open to all media outlets, regardless of whether they exist outside of a state or jurisdiction’s jurisdiction. We invite you to be a part of the conversation at our “All Around Censorship” event at 1 p.m. (ET) Thursday at RSVP@NPRNews.org.

COVID-19 is bringing together thinkers and activists, with the mission of promoting ethics in the news and education, to explore ethics and current developments in culture. President J. Evan Diehl (right) and Democracy Matters Founder and Executive Director Michael Lederman lead the program. NPR’s Heather Gustafson is keynote speaker.

The 18th annual conference will explore ethics in news media — from controversial news and culture as well as real-life examples — and includes presentations from leaders in the news media, as well as commentary from prominent voices in media and society who will explore issues of inequality, censorship, and ethical reporting.

Listeners should be prepared to discuss on these and other topics of interest:


A plurality of Republicans have voted to extend the unpopular and illegal exclusion of certain communities from federal wealth redistribution programs. But the ideological power of the right wing in Congress is not only limited to its own party. There is bipartisan opposition to the destructive politics of the American right; it is united by concerns about national security and how they are being undermined by ideological threats to the United States.

Legal Essentials for Journalists

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, a Democrat, will discuss the difficult moral and legal questions posed by the recent Supreme Court decision striking down limits on public access to government records and the ongoing challenge to keep effective records laws in place.


J. Evan Diehl

Organization CEO, Democracy Matters

Twitter: @NCCencler. Email: ecdevilhl@democracymatters.org.

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Media Relations Coordinator, NBC News, and NPR White House correspondent Brian E. Carlson will participate in the CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS debate as lead political correspondent for NBC News on Thursday, October 9. This event is not political in nature.