Fox News has announced that Steve Doocy and Bill O’Reilly will exit the network after eight years.

Fox announced that they are parting ways on Tuesday, according to an internal memo from Dana Perino.

“These two defining years have been transformative for both of us and for our company,” Perino said. “From controversy to punditry to cable news, ratings to a new parent company, then the continued reshaping of the Fox News brand… it has been a joy to watch how Steve and Bill have molded and expanded Fox News. Their work made us one of the most profitable and successful news and information companies on the planet. The people we serve and our family are excited to continue working for them. I know their creativity and passion will remain very powerful when they depart Fox.”

The dismissal of Doocy and O’Reilly comes after several major controversies since the two began their panel appearances on Fox. After witnessing the Defcon terror threat in the U.S., O’Reilly compared blacks to brown Nazis in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting. CNN, which owns Time Warner, eventually suspended O’Reilly for anti-Semitic remarks. He has since apologized and paid $13 million in settlements to two women accusing him of unwanted sexual advances.

Some conservatives called the pair’s treatment of the media “systematic Islamaphobia.”