THE father of a controversial American church leader accused of treason by U.S. officials has lashed out against the conspiracy theorist as a “corrupt ruler”.

Dave Navarro claimed in the 1980s that Scientology was the root cause of CIA plots to end the World Trade Center and World Series.

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Last week the FBI raided the ex-Scientology members’ home in Los Angeles, banning DVDs, CDs and other materials and seizing documents.

Movie director and pro-Scientology disciple James “The Ghost” Pavlovich received an FBI search warrant to seize materials for his work as an author, human rights expert and chairman of the New Media Coalition.

Speaking to The Week magazine, Navarro slammed Pavlovich, 52, who is the son of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The spooky American director slammed Pavlovich for developing a harsh Christian extremism.

Getty – Contributor 4 Scientology leader L Ron Hubbard’s son Dave Navarro has been labelled a ‘corrupt ruler’

He told the magazine: “Every church of Scientology that Dave is associated with is corrupt.

“Every church that he has worked in has been a bunch of controlling actors.

“The people who work for him [Pavlovich] who speak for him are crooked. He tries to control everybody.

“Pavlovich is a corrupt ruler who has not paid taxes or corporate taxes, and does not share the same tax deductions as the IRS, but represents the high tax state.

“Scientology does not need somebody in the White House or in Congress to steal anything from its masters.”

Getty – Contributor 4 Hollywood director James ‘The Ghost’ Pavlovich is now being the focus of two FBI searches of Scientology offices

And Navarro vowed to continue using the “the defence of good men” in movies.

He raged: “When people say that I am an enemy of Scientology, I’ll continue to use the defence of good men, because they are those good men.

“When you are not serving your own people you have to take risks to give back what you take for you.”

Reuters 4 James ‘The Ghost’ Pavlovich has denied ever being involved in treasonous operations

He also urged the masses to boycott the church.

He said: “If you really believe that Scientology is a monolithic monolith that speaks for itself, you have to consider the loss you may cause.”

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David and Laura Navarro own Scientology International, which claims to claim membership in the thousands.


If you are a Scientologist in the UK the key is to join the church in order to receive the full benefits of Scientology.

You can get the full benefits of Scientology free or pay an up-front fee of just £50 or £99 depending on which organisation you choose to join.

Or, you can prepare yourself for the inevitable spiritual awakening and remain in the church or return to regular life.