This is in response to a recent column in the Nambucca Times regarding the development of the housing developments for the business district. I have been reading about residents living in the long-time Maslow’s Village Commons – I am a recent former resident and very disappointed in the lack of understanding and care by the building’s manager.

It seems as though the building management felt it was time to raise the pay for people to live there – and this included the staff, who we all meet on almost a daily basis. The position was lost due to a lack of confidence and direction; we were told to “come along”.

By the time I arrived it was already “maintenance day” – anyone who fails to return their phone calls and to maintain their door is treated like a criminal. An elderly lady never takes her cooking pot off the counter and the canteen no longer offers hand washed clothes.

I was told to follow strict clean up orders and spent three very disappointing days in the canteen before finally taking the money I had borrowed in compensation to give back to someone else.

The customers were angry and simply wanted what is rightfully theirs and they were able to hold up their end of the bargain.

Much of the change in the community is due to this incident and an action has to be taken to ensure that all future developments follow suit. I am hoping it will result in the building’s managers releasing the $35,000 owed to my son’s transients, nor is it the developer or any potential future tenants who feel the same way.

While we may have several reasons for not living in the building, the sign did seem to say “People of Tomorrow”. The expression can be interpreted to mean change is inevitable, but it will always be a challenge.

We are not the only ones that have a negative experience with the building. It does seem that some residents – even those who had a lot to do with the development – can’t take the disrespect.