El Comercio reports that President Martin Vizcarra survived an impeachment vote on Monday because of a political crisis that has prompted opposition parties to stage the show-of-force protest vote.

The voting rights for President Martin Vizcarra have been suspended pending results in the impeachment trial against him, but the only other option on the table appears to be expulsion.

The Peruvian Congress was originally supposed to vote on whether to remove Vizcarra from office last week, but faced an unexpected deadline of the Wednesday, when a resolution on the impeachment was due to be voted.

The legislative procedure for removal of a president comes by way of a resolution of impeachment, although none of the chamber’s members have agreed to vote on it.

While Vizcarra’s government is suspected of widespread wrongdoing in the disposal of funds of the Peruvian Armed Forces, he is accused of torture and “numerous other crimes.”

Support from opposition factions

The uproar over the president’s ethics was reflected in Monday’s vote.

Opposition groups staged a televised vote of rebellion Monday, forcing the Speaker of the Senate to suspend proceedings, no longer able to vote.

However, the government of President Martin Vizcarra defeated the rebellion, at least in part because of backing from the opposition wing of his government.

Aside from the recent presidential elections, the session that opted for the motion is just one of the ongoing attacks on Vizcarra over his perceived “incompetence” in a development that saw Congress two days before deciding whether to impeach him.