The Westchester Congressman was nominated to be the U.S. Supreme Court in 1987

Bill Maher’s daughter is a Supreme Court Justice

‘There goes that wonderful country!’ The crowd roared in applause as Bill Maher kicked off his live show on Monday with a review of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

‘Hump day on the Supreme Court,’ he said, preparing for the main event when he briefly paused to ask a random question during his 45-minute commentary.

The unanimous choice Maher was going for was whether Kavanaugh could find a ‘safe bill,’ pointing out the billionaire financier Steven Mnuchin was put on the line without getting a single vote against him.

‘I don’t know,’ Maher said. ‘The interesting thing is that neither of them are from the country they are trying to serve.’

Then the former business executive allowed the audience to hold their breath as they chanted ‘hump day on the Supreme Court.’

The audience erupted in boos, but the director of HBO hit comedy Real Time Up Against Trump, Bill Maher, firmly kept it down

Bill Maher opened his live show by opening with a chance at the highest court in the land with a vote on the minimum wage and a case about a woman from Texas who came from Tulsa with her mother after a molestation by another boy – these are just some of the topics he chose to discuss

Maher started the show with a surprise – a visit from his daughter on Monday, reportedly stunned the entire crowd by her presence

On his way back to his son’s room, the comedian continued his rant by saying he was happy to have his granddaughter because it would make watching TV about her a whole lot easier

But that was just the starting point, and the newscaster sure as hell had the crowd going, as he proceeded with an unannounced visit from his daughter

Who better to be a Supreme Court nominee than a movie star that has appeared in a Time magazine cover, HBO documentary, three hilarious TV shows and everything in between?

‘This is a moderate guy from Wisconsin, but he’s just a nice guy,’ Maher joked. ‘I got a chance to speak to him last night.’

He was shocked by his supposed intelligence and told the audience they were lucky he got him for that reason.

Shows like ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Real Time’ have served him well as a cover story for the liberal media.

‘I always tell people that half of my documentaries are about something that everybody else has already seen and the other half of my documentaries are from people who have read and they still say I was right,’ he said.