Sasha Swire of Fringe fame sends a new video message to her fans. (Published Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018)

The more words she gets out there, the more gaffes she’s made during her nearly four years as a musician. It just happens to be 2018.

Back in March, when asked to name the worst word she’s ever used, she scrawled “Cat Invasion” on her keyboard.

And on the most recent episode of “Bar State,” Morgan Freeman jokes that when he was preparing for his “12 Years a Slave” audition, he approached Taylor Swift after hearing her sing “Everything Has Changed.”

“Maybe this might be the thing that shuts the [expletive] off.” Freeman said to Swire.

“Morgan, maybe I should know what this is,” Swire snapped back.

“It’s a very serious subject,” said Freeman, before laughing.

And never one to take a subtle one, Swire went full Jeremy Vine — or someone with the same nickname as Vine — with a response to him.

“You know when you change a connection but it won’t work because it’s not somebody you’ve ever been with before?” Swire asked him.

“The woman up in my living room,” Vine replied.

“We’re not in contact anymore,” Swire laughed.

“And we’re not going to go back to our childhood … and be mad at each other. It will just become a quiet family.”

Like a true sister, she has challenged everyone in her life to come together through humor. And you gotta love her for saying it.