(CNN) – Kanye West is speaking on matters of copyright.

The Grammy winner, who once employed Jay Z as a friend, has a message for those attempting to take music off the market. “Everybody’s gonna own their copyrights, or they can just make some money and own their copyrights,” West told TMZ in a video posted Tuesday.

He also clarified that he does not profit from any album released from Apple Music, or any other platform for that matter.

“I don’t like to talk about it, because, it’s a black guy doing black music on black culture and black music being black music,” West said, his voice tremulous with emotion. “If you want to say that, then, ‘Oh Kanye’s got to sell his records to make money.’ I don’t know. … I don’t do that anymore.”

West remains a passionate supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and has long been vocal about its threat to police in general.

A source close to Jay Z told CNN in April that West has never demanded a fee for business relationships between Jay Z and Apple Music.

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