Thousands of people marched for the fourth consecutive day against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in protest against the Israeli government’s decision to legalize a settlement in the occupied West Bank.

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Netanyahu’s trip to the United States was canceled ahead of the rallies.

“I am here to show solidarity to you and my constituents who support the [alleged] imprisonment and deportation of a man,” protest coordinator Ayoub Kara told the rally at Tel Aviv’s Beit Shemesh municipality’s barrier site.

Protesters in the West Bank (Photo: Gil Yohanan)

“I know this is the last chance I have to save my soul,” said protester Adi Edri, who participated in the rally at the barrier site in southern Beit Shemesh.

Critics of the deal, and of the government’s decision to vote for the deal Tuesday, said the West Bank outposts would be populated by the “army” of right-wing Israelis, and that non-Jews could return to the land they had taken.

This was the fourth time the government has negotiated a settlement deal with the Palestinians, who have no legal right to settle there except as annexations. The Palestinians say this is a blatant violation of international law.

Opposition forces called for tens of thousands of Palestinians to rally on Saturday evening at the barrier site in the West Bank.

Voters in the Palestinian territories were voting on Tuesday in a by-election after the failure of the outgoing Hamas government to win a majority in municipal elections.

Israel’s coalition has a 30-28 majority in parliament, but Palestinians are calling for the prime minister and ministers to resign because of the weekend’s decision to legalize three immigrant outposts in the West Bank—joining dozens of other settler-built settlement outposts being constructed without planning permission.