In the last four years, my former international teammates have made it clear that Sydney can certainly have a shot at winning the 2020 Olympic Games.

We certainly see the Sydney Olympics and that other major city in Australia as two vital international events for the event.

As Paul Watson has said, while individual athletes and sports clubs often tend to underestimate international sports competition, if there are enough of them there, and good overseas competition at home, we are able to forecast and prepare our teams to perform well, and at the Games.

The participation of 5000 students in the Seven Diamonds program across 13 different sports now gives each of our sports clubs, primary and secondary, the ability to play in the main tournaments, which in turn gives our athletes an opportunity to read and hone their skills and hone their confidence, in preparation for international competition.

There have been significant change since I left NSW to play internationally for AC Milan, for Swaziland, to play for AC Milan and for a Chinese team.

The experience I gained in almost two decades abroad, gave me confidence as a player and made me want to continue to progress in international sports.

After learning of John Howard’s plan to roll a match against Trinidad and Tobago, Daniel Nguyen was confident that the group could win with “sport, fitness and a nice team atmosphere”.

Sixteen minutes before the match was due to commence, Dan and the rest of his team had an easy ride to a 4-0 victory.

He was hardly surprised by the result. The boys had worked hard in the previous two weeks, coming out on top despite conceding a number of goals during the match.

After Dan and his teammates returned from the match, he said, “I’ve learnt a lot from this game”.

On behalf of the Lions Club (Lions Finesse Tennis Club), I would like to thank the Lions Finesse Tennis Club community for their support, trust and support over the past 18 months.

The Lions Finesse Tennis Club began in 1846 as a very private, off-duty cricket club, and was also the first club to be established at CSU Perth.

In April 2013, the club was renamed Lions Finesse Tennis Club after the Lions Finesse Foundation and the team started playing.