Before Warby Parker set out to connect countless pre-championship snobs with the world’s first affordable glasses, they conducted a qualitative research study conducted by an internet surveillance group. In that in-depth and confidential study, the group ascertained the impact their top-performing volunteers had on health and happiness. What they found was the perfect trifecta of health, aesthetics, and leadership—ability to function in normal environments, commitment to pursuit of personal excellence, and a clear mission. That’s why for Warby Parker, an appreciation for the humans behind the products always applies.

The Warby Parker brand understands that without being close to our associates, they’ll find the human connection there. But to truly cultivate the relationship, the company fundamentally wants to build a community, build trust, and engage its partner. And that’s no mean feat—Warby Parker conducted a more than five-year-long study on self-directed happiness and it completely confirmed what we already knew: that human happiness is its own reward.

That’s why we use our peers as a special organ in our relationship with our customers—a direct, intimate connection that builds lasting real-life empathy and trust. And that’s why Warby Parker is 100% on board with connecting its community.

For: Self-directed Happiness and Emotional Brains

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