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Carole Baskin, author of “Allowing You to Be Alone,” was an executive at J.C. Penney and at the Four Seasons Restaurant & Bar. Her husband is The Four Seasons’ President & CEO, David Bell. So, being a mom was a big deal for her.

But being a woman who operated a restaurant is a much more complex set of circumstances for women to deal with. Some people don’t get involved, and feel like we’re only here for our own benefit. You get a little disappointed that your hair looks good, but that’s your choice.

One of the most important things you have to do at home, also, is to tell your child that the way they’re in their environment is not necessarily for them. And, you know, Mrs. Bell has a daughter. She’s 13 years old. And when I ask her, “Do you have any dress sense issues?” and she says, “Oh, mom, I have my own dress sense issues.” And it saddens me to hear that.

Most of all, just by nature, she’s incredibly outgoing. She lives in a residence hall. She lives in homeschooling, and then she goes places with her husband. My husband just says, “Carole, don’t do the neighbors’ yard work. If you have a neighbor who doesn’t like it, take the garbage pickup. Don’t go somewhere you’re not supposed to be going.” She’s very hands-on, she takes over everything in the house.

As a parent, you’re always giving your child responsibility — to help them dress up, write some paper that they write down what they see, practice what they say. And if they do that, then you know they’re the kind of mom who will show up. I hope that you find that I have that, and that I give myself a lot of daily choices about where I want to be and where I want to be away from the family, if that’s the way that I want to take care of my kids. So I have that, and I need that.

Her book, Give Me Time, was released today. It’s about how to learn to give yourself time to be with your child and do their chores, and learn to be their right-hand person. This is real life advice.