A pensioner dubbed the Shed of the Year has defied conventional wisdom by hitching a ride in a vintage Audi sports car.

Peggy Goldberg – famous for her sell-out Shed of the Year celebrations – was living a millionaire lifestyle but wanted to give something back.

The 70-year-old spent eight years building a heart-shaped ‘one of a kind’ shed complete with sunny activities.

Peggy Goldberg’s Shed of the Year celebrations has become a cult sensation in all 50 states, with thousands of people visiting the sprawling site to discover the inner workings of her incredible home.

Andrea Germano, Chief Executive at the Shed of the Year promotion company, says the homeowner is also a hero.

“Peggy Goldberg is a truly inspirational woman who put in decades of hours to transform the idea of a shed into a one of a kind multi-million dollar home in her home,” says Andrea.

“Her human-robot hybrid motor car is the ultimate example of can-do. She is a role model, inspiration and one of my business partners.”

Peggy decided to spend the funds she raised on renovating her mobile home of dreams when she could no longer indulge her passion.

The 45-square-foot shed is covered in artificial grass and features staircases, a heated bath and a leafy swimming pool.

The inner bathroom, complete with a tub with a Jacuzzi, also boasts a beauty salon, a massage room and exercise machines.

Peggy believes it’s a celebration of a simpler time.

She says: “Through The Shed of the Year, I want to inspire the ultimate “Backyard Olympics” experience. We’ve installed hundreds of gadgets and appliances, fun and games are available for the whole family to play. My SOW of the Year celebrates that simpler time. I believe there’s a reason why people invest in sturdy, purposeful, crafted furniture.”

Being a home architect, Peggy originally designed her home to stand proud on the grounds of her estate in Upper Kenmore, New York.

But she discovered that, like every barn, the cost of upkeep was sky-high.

She started ‘Building For A Dollar’ with donation of items and expenses for free, and named the mini shed after the corner of the town where it sits.

Eventually, Peggy constructed a shed with everything that she liked in it.

Andrea says that, years ago, Peggy visited an open space where kids built tanks and kayaks. “She fell in love with it and became obsessed with design,” he says.

Peggy said: “The shed served many purposes for me including grand celebrations, spread out and ice skating.

“My car finally got the recognition it needed. I’m over the moon, one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do has finally been completed.”

Peggy has other philanthropic projects she would like to explore but for now, she is looking forward to expanding the Shed of the Year event to 39 states.

Andrea believes the Shed of the Year’s appeal is to attract a wider audience – because it isn’t just men who adore Peggy’s work.

He says: “The online SHOOTaway.com page has had almost 4,000 visitors and 1,100 visitors wrote to say they ‘can’t believe Peggy has built something for less than $100,000’.

“Most people involved in the project say, ‘That’s something to be proud of.’”

Peggy’s Porsche sports car takes to the road with PPR at the warehouse.

She says: “I built my mansion to fit inside a Porsche Turbo, so I’ve no idea what other cars I’d have in my house.”

Despite Peggy’s meteoric rise from ‘mini-store dweller’ to ‘most-loved’ hero, Andrea says there have been rumblings of controversy and even complaints from angry sceptics of Peggy’s SOW of the Year celebrations.

He says: “People are always coming up to Peggy and commending her creation. The vast majority of people enjoy the project as it is.

“Nobody would have dreamed Peggy would do this 20 years ago, even though she did it for nothing.

“That’s the stunning part of this project. I’m sure we’ve been inundated with requests for people to come and do a giveaway.”

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