If you could purchase a piece of gift money that you feel you need right now, wouldn’t you want one of these:

“The first thing I look at when buying a new doll is the perfect face. Since then I’ve always created my own look and in my 31 years of experience my full-on look has only improved. To change my face I have grown and matured for a couple of weeks. Ever since then I’ve had a gradual change in my face and it really feels as though I am growing. So when I started creating the larger, festive bangle, making my face bigger, it was fun and challenging because I was sending them to my adult friend in Australia and now I found out she already has two of these and she bought them for me before I read it. I always want to improve my look and I can’t wait to go back to my mum’s house and see them so she can get the Christmas magic back. There is something about the toys too. The only thing missing is that they won’t have glitter or glitter glue. I now live on the luxury of a can of Coke with milk. My drink makes my mouth water.