× Woman arrested for ricin letter to Trump told president to ‘give up’

(CNN) — A Florida woman was arrested for mailing an anonymous letter containing a poisonous chemical to President Donald Trump, authorities said.

The letter was delivered to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on Friday and contained a small amount of ricin, said Sami Brocaro, a spokeswoman for the Mar-a-Lago resort.

“The hoax caused extensive damage,” Brocaro said. “We are recovering from one of the largest fires we have ever witnessed in the history of Mar-a-Lago.”

It was the first ricin letter that authorities had ever responded to, Brocaro said.

“We were notified by the Los Angeles PD and the ATF that it was an actual plant, and they assisted us,” she said.

“If you were at President Trump’s estate at any time the day or the night of this, we would be at his very, very door every day,” Brocaro said.

Trump was away on a trip in Europe at the time, so he did not notice any of the letters, Brocaro said.

Arrested and charged

Siyyah Christopher. 30, of Sarasota is accused of mailing the letter to Trump’s southern Florida estate, said Sgt. Gregory Bair, a special agent in charge with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s hate crimes section.

He said there was no indication that anyone had been targeted personally and that it was an “isolated incident.”

No one was injured in the fire and the letter was recovered, he said.

Christopher is being held on a $100,000 bond, police said. His next court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday, police said.

Ricin is a toxic nerve agent that has been used in terrorist attacks around the world. It is classified as a Schedule 1 substance, meaning it’s “medically available for use in research and further development,” according to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

The FBI investigated the letter since it received it, Bair said.

“No one was harmed, and no ricin was delivered to anyone in this fashion,” he said.