Have you ever thought about what it would be like to listen to music with a completely automated machine on a long bus ride?

Now imagine how cool it would be to use an A/V Receiver or something like that to listen to your favorite music at home. Just think about how many hours it would take for you to research songs and listen to them all over again.

However, we have seen this dream realized before, but its not all that neat. We have also seen fully automated systems on college campuses that literally have their own iPad set up and it’s all well and good, but the end goal is the same.

Wired has spoken with Amy Smith, a highly skilled A/V Engineer and she shared some of the coolest ideas we have witnessed for the next 20 years.

For instance, according to Ms. Smith:

Machine personal assistant systems that simply search for and use music via streaming and other means. These services are more important than ever right now because the invasion of privacy that has made us all too much dependent on the Internet is just one of the ways smart devices are growing more available. Devices like the internet-connected smart speakers and smart home devices, which can suggest my music through apps, are just the beginning. For example, a typical smart speaker, and/or the new Alexa software, has the capability to turn off my phone, remind me of appointments and other personal notifications and remotely store a magnifying glass.

Then there are the smart home appliances where an A/V receiver is set up and the assistant will, for example, vacuum the kitchen cleaner and automatically fill up the cabinets and not only fill them with cleanliness, but also keep the fridge full and cooking on target.

But of course, we have to recognize that technology and new advancements like AI and augmented reality are just the beginning and that the goal isn’t going to be to make a fully automated home just yet. At least not until we don’t have to run the electric shop or maybe even teach a child how to drive.

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