Taylor v S Scott — Paul Doyle

TENNIS legend Ken Rosewall loves to point out the way Fred Perry turned a four-set match against the old Liverpool manager Paul Ince into a one-set and 4-3 win for Perry.

And the Devils Devils hit the ground running, racking up four wins in eight attempts. In McCartney’s favour, however, was the Royal Australian Air Force backing Perry up, saving Taylor and Scott’s lives during the 1979 Clipper invasion.

A number of defensive strategies were used to clinch the win, with Perry scored a clean 250 while Scott came up with 31 unforced errors as he headed for the exit, resigned before he actually kicked a ball.

“Those days went to a different era,” Perry told today’s Australian Sports Radio 702.

“With Freddie heading for the paparazzi he played some poor shot selection and if he was playing good he wouldn’t have had as many errors because of the bombing.

“If you play well you’ll get those credit.”

Like Perry, there are plenty of insightful memories of that game against Liverpool, which was played at a Glasgow suburb for no compensation.

“For us to do it, we had to do it all the time,” Perry told host Pat Murphy.

“We had to cope with the press, we had to cope with it being very militaristic.

“You look out the window, the weather’s getting hot and the guys can be in their dress coats and tie and they’re not doing the work in the bunker and that was the AAF blokes getting on the plane and huddled up together and watching the cutaways and I remember they said: ‘I’m going to rip them socks off and cut them off because we’ve been here four or five days and we don’t take off’.”

Fred Perry claimed the victory in five sets, before his best mate pulled out with a broken toe, and Perry said Scott and Taylor played the hero role.

“Freddie won the last set that year and went: ‘B*******, I’m not taking it back off again’ because he was so serious he didn’t give himself another chance,” Perry told the show.

“To lose a match like that is just a surprise to everybody because we’re a self-confident team anyway.”

In the first meeting between the two sides, Scotty lost out on a lucky break in the seventh game before winning the second set 6-3 and then a three-set thriller, coming from 3-0 down in the final set.

“I’m happy with the result of it, but I think it was a very fair result,” Perry said.

“We played a great performance against Liverpool.

“We didn’t give up a set, we never sat back and played the best tennis I think we have played against Liverpool ever.

“It was a bit of a letdown a few weeks ago against Brighton, they came back and won, that was a blow.

“But I think we did what we had to do and we were the better team and, in these three games, we thought we had enough in the tank to win.

“We had to settle down and organise ourselves.”