(Update: Oct. 22 update: A new home viewing site and corresponding hotline in Delaware are available if you are interested in hosting a large sporting event. All references to the most recent emergency kits have been removed.)

The battle for control of the U.S. Supreme Court was a battle that Texas Democratic Gov. Greg Abbott was expected to win. Now, an attorney general running on a key liberal ballot question in Delaware has pulled down a launch page for a campaign that, in its name, makes reference to the increasingly contentious Supreme Court fight that has dominated the country’s headlines for the past month.

Watch live: A sea of candidates crowded into a forum to debate U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

By Nicole Vernon

June 24, 2019—

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations, and also some tumultuous midterm elections, Delaware Democrats are looking to the state Supreme Court — a largely blue-leaning branch of state government — for guidance over who might replace Kavanaugh’s seat on the high court, which is now vacant.

The selection of Democratic Attorney General Beau Biden Jr. to run for governor was pushed forward after Republican Attorney General Josh Shapiro decided not to seek the top job. Republicans, as in other states, said a Biden nomination would not have any effect on their primaries in November.

Democrats outnumber Republicans in Delaware by more than 1.5 million votes, but Biden’s name was hardly unknown, and candidates for the executive’s post have been high on both sides of the aisle. Biden has a checkered past, including a 2002 sexual assault charge stemming from a romantic relationship with his second wife. Biden, through the Biden press office, declined to comment for this story.

One Democratic-led state legislature, Frank Coughenour, a former state prosecutor, is running for the leadership post on the left.

Biden is popular with the Delaware public, but he also has that blue-collar appeal that some might be leery of touting to voters, unlike some of the Democratic leadership in a state that is blue-collar and Democratic-leaning.

His main opponent, Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro, is less familiar to the public than Biden. But the new filing pad made him public, and it is public as a product of the Democrat Party of Delaware.

The filing pad supports the statements on the homepage of the group Change Delaware. You can sign up for direct votes to get a certain number of ballots to an election center in any of the governor’s three primary districts.

At the state elections office in Wilmington, there is a special edition ballot which has only one response. It refers to Biden as “Massie.”

Shapiro has agreed to meet with Biden, but he said he would not come to any session. Biden also has confirmed to the Delaware Gazette in an interview that he plans to attend a Nov. 5 rally in Wilmington with other Delaware gubernatorial candidates.

Republicans say that could make a big difference in the governor’s race.

Katie Warren, a former Republican National Committee chairman, told the Delaware Gazette in an interview last month that she would not use Biden as a driver to get around the state after Democratic lawmakers blocked his request to secure someone to take over from him as governor.

Warren said she’s not familiar with the nickname.

“I think Biden is the most famous person in Delaware, if I said who’s the most famous person in Delaware, people would look at me and think that I was talking on the phone to the secretary of state and saying ‘Let’s have a big press conference about this,’” Warren said.

Chris Caso, an attorney for Change Delaware, said Biden had always been an ambassador for Delaware, but the new citizenship symbol helped give him an image of someone on another team.

“And it was a more pop-culture-like nod,” Caso said.

If Biden wins, he said, his first stop would be Hooters in Wilmington.

The 2014 election in Delaware was important because it sent a message to the state’s 32 congressional districts, said Steve Tracy, a longtime Delaware political consultant. While conservative Democrats have won the White House for 26 consecutive years, they have not done so in at least three of the past five elections.

Tracy said Cummings would be a good candidate to replace Biden, because he has the platform of a local attorney general and a close ally on the left, but it would be a stretch for a Democrat to run in a congressional district.

“When you play an awful political hand,” Tracy said, “you take a look at what’s happening and you say, `Wow, it may be time to go home.