It’s been two days since the great John McCain died and we’re reminded all the time that he was fighting with great hearts but managed to stick with his belief that the military should not legislate their way to good health. McCain was in the field helping people with no idea what it’s like to come back from war or homeland security post-9/11 when he turned in for treatment. When I was his lobbyist for years, we worked hard to get him onto the House Armed Services Committee. When he was no longer physically able to do the job, we all rallied behind him.

The McCain people, while we didn’t always get along with him, did show him love. He shared his fortune and wealth with his only child. Their families were inextricably bound, literally, when they sat next to each other on planes during trips home from Vietnam. Many in our business, including myself, believe our representative who lost his home, and almost his entire family, should have been elected president sooner than many others.

“He will lead us with dignity,” Cindy McCain said of Senator John McCain.”


There’s no doubt that our country needs a strong commander in chief more than ever. President Trump tried to do the right thing to place our nation at the forefront and defend our values as the number one country in the world, yet he recently took a hard stance against Kim Jong Un and with men like a Tomahawk missile. Apparently, Kim said he would stop using nukes.


Some lawmakers I know who are like McCain made a pilgrimage to the hospital bed where McCain first met his son Ryan because Ryan is supposed to be the next generations Senator and Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of the United States. The sight of a familiar Senate Republican leader walked past me in the hall at HMC, his down to earth demeanor and you know that Senator John McCain never stops ragging on President Trump’s credibility.

Groomed in the community sense that the world has always known, men like McCain’s son were never personally any less fit and worthy of a spot on the Supreme Court and the bicameral senators he placed on it in his lifetime will appreciate him for doing his civic duty. By being there, his wife Pauline could be strong and loving on her husband’s passing, and provide comfort and support to those who loved him and appreciate the work he did. But sometimes history bends; his passing portends for those who may believe that a powerful military should be allowed to legislate our way to democracy. And we believe that John McCain is our senator.