Swiss Evangelical Christophe De Klerk points to a Trump slur

In a strikingly similar matchup, incumbent Jeff Sessions appointed a high-profile medical doctor to oversee the office of Robert Sessions the attorney general. When a doctor is affiliated with the Trump administration, it can prove politically toxic for the president, but normally, health issues don’t figure to be a high priority in the future of the president. (Indeed, health care often seems a rhetorical turnoff for the new administration, as evidenced by President Obama’s decision to ignore the Affordable Care Act during the first weeks of his presidency.)

Alvaro Ayala and Carrie Wells, as well as the rest of the POLITICO team will be tweeting in real time as the Justice Department makes plans to meet with the embassy to provide a briefing on the ICRI outbreaks in Mexico and the general danger of a second outbreak of the disease.

The week’s biggest developing story may be what online comments state it has been confirmed—that President Trump is responsible for the deaths of at least 16 young immigrants and that they have become a designated “hostile foreign agent.” Trump fired off an angry tweet on Monday.

But at least one judge is seeing things differently.

John Denzel, a U.S. district judge in Iowa, ruled last week that, under current law, Trump does not have the power to kill the immigrants. The ruling has threatened to take away a key feature of the president’s travel ban, and now the effect of the ruling is unclear. (It isn’t entirely clear, though, what the legal precedent for this is.)

The Trump administration is appealing the ruling. It is also scrambling to reach a consensus on a replacement immigration measure before the fourth of October deadline for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which allows the deferral of immigration status to DREAMERS and others who came to the United States as children.

The case will likely proceed either through the appeals process or the Supreme Court. Don’t be surprised if many more significant legal battles occur between now and then.

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