Former Vice President Joe Biden is keeping a hammer on the corruption and death-row convictions of former President Bill Clinton’s White House staff as he heads into the upcoming 2020 election.

While there’s no proof of corruption and death-row convictions, Clinton faced numerous accusations about questionable acts from several aides who left office or left office short of what they deserved, reports MSNBC. In one particular case, Bill Clinton’s own chief of staff admitted to having helped get a porn star in a sex ring, despite an ex-police detective saying the official’s name was in porn mags.

Reporters often talk about corruption in politics, as there has been alleged instances of corrupt and illegal practices from time to time in politics. For example, one of the most recent politicians to go to jail from the 2016 Democratic primaries to the 2018 presidential election, Senator Bernie Sanders, confessed to using illegal trickery during his eight years in the Senate. In October 2017, Sanders admitted to taking $1,300 in cash payments from employees of a shell corporation he set up to fake income tax returns.

Biden, who has made many trips around the country in recent years, has been growing more active and vocal about the United States’ problems regarding the massive cockroach infestation and, well, the Coronavirus, which was first documented by a healthcare worker in Arkansas in 2012. Biden recently met with scientists who are trying to find a solution, reports NBC News. He also spoke to President Donald Trump’s administration on the issue.

“They’re probably overwhelmed right now with all the amounts and all the efforts that’ve gone into fighting this disease, but that’s a normal response when you realize how this illness is affecting these people, especially now in a horrible way.”

Debra Katz / AP Images

While Biden is making headlines with his visits to the University of Alabama and Virginia universities, his 2018 convention in Philadelphia has been a bombastic affair that, at least one fellow Republican called “so un-American.”

This convention has featured a panel called “Will the Democratic Party Deliver?” presented by former Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley. The panel asked O’Malley about “a series of progressive proposals to be advocated by the Democrats.”

One Democratic operative, however, has protested that the Republican convention had more substance and public issues than the Democratic convention.

Unsurprisingly, Pennsylvania Democratic Party chair Jack Mitchell has slammed former President Clinton for sharing some of his platform with the Democrats, reports the Hill. Many Dems have defended the convention on reasons that it was very populist and because of Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-Latino views. However, David Pastor, the chair of the Green Party, is rather critical of the Democratic convention, noting the garbage about “Brexit” or “coming home to black people.”

With half the delegates of the Democratic Party and the vast majority of the Republican delegates swarming to Philadelphia in what’s certain to be a grand event, Pennsylvanians will be watching what direction their country takes in the upcoming midterm elections.