A 26-year-old Ontario man who once played a sheriff on FX’s horror hit “American Horror Story” is currently being investigated for aggravated animal cruelty after reports of the animal being left on the side of the road and left without adequate water, according to state investigators.

Marek Martin is charged with simple assault and making an illegal conveyance of an animal without veterinarian certification, both misdemeanors, and animal cruelty, according to an Essex County sheriff’s press release on Friday.

He’s being held on $10,000 bail.

The animal that led to the charges was apparently a coyote, but authorities are unsure of its gender. Martin is charged with the same offense in the County of Essex.

In 2016, Martin was seen on American Horror Story’s “American Son,” having a cow attack another cow and growling at the other one, according to court documents.

His time on American Horror Story — which was interrupted by writing a book called “Dreadbolt Cowboy: A Cowboy’s Journey Into Fear” — might have helped him reach a deal with authorities, according to TMZ.

But another concern with Martin’s life — which included a public jail lockdown and at least 10 arrests for alcohol related crimes — came to light over the last few years after video surfaced of Martin spraying himself across the balcony of a Los Angeles apartment building, according to TMZ.

After the arson and vandalism at the apartment building, officials determined Martin had been watching the person’s dead cat, the site reported.