In tech news, one of the best inventions in the past 30 years came from Dr. Morris Haber, a software engineer at West Virginia University who developed a whole new way to manage objects of different shapes that was about the size of a person’s arm. He developed an algorithm that used multiple cameras to make the find too difficult to stumble upon: let’s say the wristwatch is the size of a broom handle (there are no sensors there anymore). With that in mind, you could actually put a couple of these “exposé” into a pocket and hide them there while you’re busy searching for stuff.

The power of Haber’s contraption, however, is its simplicity.

NHL instant replay was established at the time. In 1987, he invented the incomparable “clearance system” to break up the play quickly in which a “red flag” directed at the defender would supposedly be waved off. Though it would not be realized until countless clips went viral, it’s fair to say that technology was the absolute last thing on the minds of hockey fans back then.

While technology in this space has advanced in recent years, the use of facial recognition still runs rampant, as evidenced by the use of small-scale studies on NFL athletes. Haber and others believe that facial recognition is the future of the future of video games.

Of course, in extreme cases you might be able to transfer that “facial recognition” onto technology that includes your wristwatch (don’t worry, this is not the case). Say you’re walking around your neighborhood and a bad guy has been lurking in the bushes nearby you. You could hijack his watch, and the software would figure out how to text you a link to a YouTube video where he was talking about his problems.

Imagine someday doing this with a tiny contraption from your pocket. Almost impossible, actually. As if that’s not enough, being able to unlock your wristwatch using the name of your favorite live reality show really helps.

Regardless of whether or not you end up packing one into your pocket, the new technology that enables Haber’s creation is still spot-on.

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