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Sam McBratney (Picture: PA)

An author who wrote about his wife before she left him for his child has died aged 77.

Sam McBratney, who lived in Manchester, died peacefully on Sunday after a long illness.

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His first book, Guess How Much I Love You, was published in 1974 when he was living in Essex.

However, he wrote five other novels about the couple before leaving in 1970 for private equity group AccorHotels.

His children are also still living in Essex.

The novel Little Things Can Change (Picture:Getty)

McBratney wrote Little Things Can Change was published in 1982.

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The book tells the story of Simon Atherton, a computer technician who finds a love letter written by his wife, Macie, to a New York tycoon called Papa John.

Sandra, Alexander and Marcus have grown into married men who have a light-hearted story with up-tempo soundtrack and a vibrant sense of humour.

Big Book Of Rhymes (Picture: Barcroft Media)

McBratney’s other novels include Tales From Ontario, which tells the story of a deranged mother, and The Great Glass that Never Moved.

The author was previously married to the late independent film actress Jo-Anne O’Connell, who died in 2012.