The University of Georgia (UGA) fraternities did the right thing and suspended one of the prominent Greek organizations early this morning after videos of what appears to be racist remarks surfaced on social media.

Warning: The video above contains graphic language and language that may be offensive to some.

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“The following parties were suspended pending investigation,” said UGA president Judy Genshaft in a statement Monday.

The suspects are some of the most prominent Greek leaders at UGA.

“The behavior of some of these students is unacceptable and the University stands firmly behind the Greek community and its leadership,” Genshaft said.

According to UGA’s student newspaper UGA Today, vandals were spotted spray-painting racist slurs last Friday on a white fraternity house on campus.

A video of the alleged desecration has since gone viral on social media, and now Greek leaders on campus are talking about how their actions were reprehensible.

“We live in a great nation and regardless of our beliefs, we have to allow our beliefs to lead us in whatever we believe,” Richard Griffin, a member of a Greek organization, told UGA Today.

A university spokeswoman said the suspended fraternities do not belong on campus.

Hear the full interview with an official from Greek organization before or after the video: — UGA Today (@UGAToday) September 21, 2017

The president of the Student Government Association also spoke to students and voiced support for the group involved.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable on any part of campus,” Sigma Alpha Epsilon president Jaelce Alexander told the newspaper. “At this point I don’t know how we will allow it to happen again. We all have different opinions of the things that are allowed on campus.”

And UGA Greek leaders stand together as opposed to divisiveness that would only ruin Greek life for the university’s students.

“Greek organizations are not off limits to society. Students that have particular opinions can be members of other Greek organizations,” Griffin said. “It’s going to work like that for a while now.”

The students were held accountable for their actions, but are right to suspend the groups, according to the students involved and the media representatives at UGA Today.

“It is important to point out that this is a no-confidence vote in the institutions that sponsored these two entities,” vandals tell UGA Today in their surveillance video video.