A graphic showing the layout of Parliament House House in Canberra, this week (Picture: Glenn Hunt/Getty Images)

A desperate sergeant-at-arms at a border raid in the NSW capital had his security post stormed by US Homeland Security agents.

US border agents went to the home in Bright in Victoria’s north last week, after two men were busted for criminal offences in Texas.

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Lawyers working for those suspects argued the arrests were illegal and necessary to protect US citizens.

Police and agents reportedly raided the businessman’s home following a tip-off from a high level operative from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, prompting the bizarre siege.

A day later, the officers arrived again at the home, this time raiding the 11-bedroom and 11-bathroom property, which featured wide-view windows, river-front views and staff accommodation.

Australian Border Force’s gardener was taken hostage inside the house in Bright (Picture: Getty Images)

They reportedly called a rampaging department of immigration to take control and lock their second-in-command, Deputy Commissioner Tony Negus, inside.

Before entering the home, Negus reportedly had to endure a police dog around his neck before wiggling out of his handcuffs.

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When Home Affairs and Immigration issued a public apology, the Sergeant-at-Arms calmed his fellow officers with a shocked look at the damage being done.

‘I’m shocked to say the least,’ he said.

‘The main difference between when I was a sergeant and when I am now is it’s far more frightening. You hear a noise and immediately think something might have happened.

‘You don’t just take your foot off the pedal, you never say “oh yeah”.

‘When I got in there, it was like nothing I had ever seen. I heard a noise and I knew it wasn’t the dog. It must have been a police car, they must have stopped.

‘There was a group of immigration officers surrounded the house. I heard they had broken into the house. That’s when they removed all the equipment.’

Yesterday, Border Force was locked down by FBI and Department of Justice deputies at the scene, and Negus was locked in another detention centre after he refused to go to the police.