Popular South Carolina-based grocery store chain Costco is coming to the defense of its local suppliers after a local food blogger was booed on Facebook.

Costco canceled the publication of a local report that mentioned the Central Cape Cod Pork Company’s decision to “cater” for “cops, fires and moonshine,” pointing out that it reports to government regulators and is subject to “the highest standards of legal compliance.”

The political feud has alarmed local residents who attribute the accusations to the conspiracy theories of ones who “hate blacks.”

Others accused the pork company of a political agenda to keep favorable treatment from lawmakers.

The company did not respond to requests for comment.

The outburst came after a local food blogger said on Facebook that she got “booed” on Facebook last week for an article she wrote on Facebook that claimed CPPC was “catering” to cops.

The vendor interviewed in her Facebook post, identified only as M.P., is actually a contractor, she said. She charged that CPPC’s decision to cater to cops, fires and moonshine is a front for what she called a “backdoor deal” to “lift the ball for (president Donald) Trump.”

The enraged blogger, who goes by Pracha, has called her traitors to the PEOPLE organization which “is wrong.” She described the article as “A bull in a china shop which catered exclusively to law enforcement.”

She said she was greeted with boos while on Facebook last week.

“Having hit an embarrassing low this week on Facebook, I am now forced to take precautions against the witch hunts, censorship and censorship behavior that has been raging on my page ever since my story broke about CPPC,” she wrote.

“It has reached a fever pitch, not for making a difference but because of the combination of crap and crap again. After all of this, I still have the backbone to go the whole guns for women gun for instance, but at CPPC I feel like I will lose.”

She told another person who responded to her post that someone of color came to the restaurant.

“Nobody here looks or sounds like me,” she said. “I don’t want to go on Facebook without my face taken down.”

“I am a bread vendor myself and not a lawyer,” she said. “I am a human being. I am even a lesbian and this goes deep in my religious beliefs and I do not support a person of color being treated any differently than anyone else.”

She asked her Facebook followers not to post again.

They responded with encouragement.

“I get that this report is hurting you and causing you some unnecessary shame,” wrote one user, M.P. the whistleblower. “But I can assure you that you will not be at CPPC unless you try to bump on the positive side of the labor market.

“I want people to know what I am really up against and I will bring this story out in the open and get it off your Facebook ‘nights’ so you will have to spend some money to see my perspective.”