ROME (Reuters) – The United Nations supported efforts to attend the United Nations General Assembly in December that would have promoted women as peacekeepers or peace negotiators, a U.N. report said on Monday.

The vote, called for by a Russian initiative, would have expanded the area of global peace and security that would have had the women participating in the meeting. It would have made it possible for women to learn the languages of various armed groups in their countries.

As it was, the United Nations voted no.

“At the proposal being floated the United Nations, and, in particular, its Special Representative for Women in Peace and Security, should have made it, for some time now, possible for women to participate … as peacekeepers or as negotiators,” the report said.

It said the proposal offered women a chance to help promote peace and for them to become part of peace talks and mediation, though it said the conditions were not particularly realistic.

“Unfortunately, a legitimate concern that these peace talks are designed to enhance women’s participation has been obscured by the political manoeuvring for a more general promotion of women’s participation in the UN system.”