It’s no secret that Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek has battled terminal stage IV brain cancer, but his death has suddenly come as quite a shock to fans, since the 86-year-old game show host had recently returned to his work following an absence of a few months. Even with this devastating event, however, it seems that Trebek was never far from television screens at home and even in private conversations with colleagues on the show.

Trebek was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer back in January of this year, leaving in fear of his life a certain blow that the first time ever getting the illness diagnosed as such would be. Though thankfully, the condition has fortunately been diagnosed in Trebek’s stage no. 3 and is now in remission, as revealed by Trebek himself.

“It’s been a very anxious time, particularly on Jeopardy! which is also going through a very difficult time. My wife and I will be covering some of the usual storylines as we go through these times, but my disease has just gone great. There’s no growth, the tumors have all been removed, and we’re as healthy as we can be,” Trebek revealed to David Letterman last month.

“It is not a life-threatening disease. But with advanced brain cancer, [something] I didn’t expect [to be here] is to go to a base camp in Siberia when you’re told that everything’s the same,” Trebek continued. “In fact, if you wait until somebody says, ‘You can be there’ and then you feel in a sense privileged because then you can say I must be there. I mean, I have a right to be there. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.”

Even though Trebek was apprehensive of the prognosis at first, for the 81-year-old game show host, the fact that he has made a strong recovery and is now glowing with health over the last few months have moved him further to last year’s number one spot on the list of Jeopardy! hosts. Even with a cold and severe headaches, Trebek is able to stay in good spirits and seemingly maintain a high positivity.

“A man like me is happy the more he’s enjoying himself. But knowing that he’s serious is why he writes a very, very long screed about me on the front page of his newspaper,” he told The Associated Press. “That said, the rest of the world, whether you think me or not, knows that I have a close, warm family. And my wife has a long, terrific family. My children adore me. I’m pretty proud of them.”

Trebek, an Englishman who is a fan of romance novels, married his wife Lyndsey in 2014.

When asked about the prospect of his daughters visiting him for the first time in 12 years, Trebek did not hesitate to express a high appreciation of the opportunity.

“We’re just a few of us here today,” he revealed to Newsday. “It’s wonderful. But we haven’t had any of the children in particular for years. I would definitely say that I’m glad that those people are all around to see me, and I’m getting much better at munching on people’s hands at the moment.”

While Trebek was away from Jeopardy! in recent months, after doctors informed him that he had stage IV cancer, he became the latest host to give out his final check-up on screen, which garnered a congratulatory reaction from producer Ken Jennings, who also has battled cancer. In fact, it has emerged that Jennings has already been diagnosed with stage IV cancer as well, as reported by The Inquisitr.

When asked about Trebek’s diagnosis, Jennings said that Trebek has always taken good care of himself, but that the condition is definitely serious and it’s time to act.

“I wish he had the same temperament he had last year, when we’d known about the diagnosis, but he’s resilient,” Jennings told Yahoo! TV on Monday. “He’s prepared for a lot of things and is doing some extraordinary things for others, so that’s an important element, too.”

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