Two children and a man were injured when they were shot in Virginia Beach, authorities said.

The victims were both adults who were shot around 2:20 p.m. in a parking lot outside the King Street United Methodist Church, near their offices, by a man wearing a dirty shirt, police said.


Authorities said they knew both victims, but wouldn’t comment further.

Investigators said the victims had been outside their car inside the parking lot for about 20 minutes when the suspect showed up.

At some point, investigators said, the shooter turned the gun on them.

“I just could hear gunshots and then I looked around the side of the building. I saw my boss right in front of me. I think she got shot in the back. You could hear the shooter running through, ‘Cops are here. They shot people in the church parking lot,'” said John Evans, who works at the King Street United Methodist Church.

His boss was the one who was shot.

“It’s shocking and tragic. You feel for everybody. One of the less-developed ones, one of the less-developed ones that God gave you,” Evans said.

Evans said he hasn’t been inside the church since the shooting.

A second adult was shot and taken to the hospital, while the first victim was transported to UCF Medical Center, where he was in stable condition.

Neighbors told Kix 10 that the shooting happened near a church with just over a hundred people attending services.

“Everybody is scared in the inner city. It’s the only place we come and go from, and the only thing that’s regulated in that church — the police — is it’s a church. That’s where our children go to school,” said Lindsey Morgan, who works at the church.

Neighbors said the shooting has sent many concerned for their safety.

“I have kids in the school. Our building is just a small place. I mean, all our kids go to school. They can’t come anywhere else. It’s a small place. And I’m worried about my kids. It’s scary,” Morgan said.

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call the VBI.