The US election is leaving several key clues in the sense that the US was tightening its grip on power and could even support very loud noises by Vladimir Putin. It has been very careful about how much it supports Russia, and how much it criticizes its alleged wrongdoing.

The truth is not a certain one yet. It is good for the USA, or even better, for the post-American international landscape. We have hardly begun to be judged by the actual outcome of the 2018 elections.

The legal obstacle to resuming full diplomatic relations between the US and Russia, sure. It is legal and necessary to ensure all the demands in this former Soviet state are fulfilled. Yet if it does happen, the relations are unlikely to take off.

The Americans continue to boycott the Group of Eight summit in the Baltics scheduled for this coming weekend. There is no alternative reason except that the anti-democratic Washington administration refuses to take any practical steps to normalize relations with Russia and send its delegates to the annual meeting, something Russia has always preferred.

That did not stop the spokespeople of the USA from telling all in an attempt to create a ‘U.S.-Russian Joint Syria Coalition’. Is this a joke? It is Russia’s policy to destroy Daesh in Syria and confront it vigorously in the Middle East. No one is talking about establishing a coalition or even discussing it. Even Trump refused to accept that it might work. But Russia probably wouldn’t be willing to abandon the defeated Damascus regime for US favours.

Neither do we see the Ukraine military involved in efforts to rescue Georgia. But we should note it has every reason to worry about Nato expansion, especially since Russia proposes to wipe out its former Baltic regional states and some of its former Soviet satellites.

We should also think about recent events and the exit of Vladimir Putin. Isn’t this why Putin has been so silent? Isn’t this why he still refuses to declare an “apology” to Putin and over 800 Russian soldiers who died in the Crimean Peninsula in 2014? Is this really the Russian President’s position? Has he ever publicly blamed his countrymen for a single incident of grave military gravity? No. In its accusations against US servicemen, the military insists that not one one of them is armed, and just two missed out on any Russian battle against the invading Ukrainian army.

We are also getting at the US Election. Just think about NATO countries all over Europe where they are preparing for a “never again” scenario. Is it possible that all these armies will suddenly opt to leave the continent rather than accept Washington’s threat?

Russia’s authoritarian, undemocratic system is finally becoming a reality. It is always difficult for the West to evaluate Russians, because they are ruled by traditional clan dynamics and make sense only if they are directly described on a binary rational plane.

So where is there evidence of Putin’s conduct or about his intentions? The news accounts exaggerate and distort the reality. The Western media cannot yet present a full picture of the USA.