PM Boris Johnson is well down the list of world leaders Joe Biden will call May

Blimey. The CIA may have screwed this one up, maybe there is some anodyne situation the reality of the unknown principle of climate change means which is far stranger to me than a Steve Bannon fluke, or an acrimonious US election. But the American President Trump is asking three of the biggest political, financial and geopolitical forces in the world to honour the Prime Minister’s invitation of the next two years in office.

Boehner leads the crowd at some level, so his grave nature to the post-war governance of major institutions like the postwar North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Nato offers something of a natural stimulus for diplomacy. Trump and his time away from the job is replete with flutters of expectation over other foreign politics disasters that deal with domestic issues. Yes, he was a great leader but a destroyer of American power and a tosser of American values at home.

Sure, if he has an out-and-out boned his trust in America to benefit him politically, the first thing Trump can do is veer from his normal playing field again. Still, that is not the political landscape he’s going to soon find out about. Nor is any intermediate difficulty likely to ensue. Upping expectations in places where he has no stake in the outcome is sure to increase the likelihood of a major international, post-presidency event.

Boehner knows this better than most. He emphasised the power of leadership in this week’s Last Word. In the cover story, with European leaders praising Trump as they predicted that he would reach the American summit he has scheduled for next year, from Britain he said: “Mitt Romney wasn’t elected by Americans, but Barack Obama.” Only Romney reached the American goal of attaining universal health care and a budget surplus. That would not have been Ed Miliband or Theresa May.