Katie Price has taken legal action against online trolls who she says have used her son Harvey’s disability to “seek personal revenge” after they mocked his 17th birthday party.

The 38-year-old – who is currently pregnant with second child – was at her son’s school when a slew of nasty comments from Twitter and Facebook users hit Harvey, who has cerebral palsy.

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Lawyers for the former glamour model claim those posts – which have since been removed – were “grotesquely disrespectful” to the disabled boy and to Harvey himself.

“The messages and messages directed at Harvey said he had no independence, no ability to choose his own family, no ability to have a family like he or his friends have,” they said in their court documents.

Katie, who lives in London with her current husband Kieran Hayler, told the court: “Words were used like ‘screw the disabled’.

“I think these were deeply upsetting – heart wrenching thoughts, especially with the child having special needs.

“I don’t think it’s good enough for someone to look at my child and think ‘no disabled person is called dumb in a building full of disabled people”.


According to court documents, Katie wrote to Facebook, Twitter and Twitter Inc, asking how many days a user could keep on the site before they had to realise their messages had hurt Harvey.

A reply from the social networking giant revealed that it would take the company 48 hours to remove personal attacks from its site.

A judge said he will later decide whether to give Katie damages, to be determined at a later date.

Katie said the comments were so vile that she told her son to stay away from them for the birthday celebration.

She added: “It was a pretty upsetting time, but now Harvey has got his life back on track and has been gifted with a really amazing birthday.”

Speaking on Loose Women last month, Katie – who admits her abuse on Twitter never stopped – was asked how her son’s spirit is now.

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She replied: “I can’t ask for any more. I can’t bring myself to do it, I can’t pray for him. I’m not sure I deserve to be in a position like this, because I don’t have a voice or a right to express myself.

“I do need a fight, I’m going to need to be in a position of power to make that happen. I am in no position to offer any words of encouragement. I’m not trying to make him feel better. That’s for him to decide.”

Katie Price’s legal spokeswoman also confirmed to Digital Spy today (November 8) that the star has taken legal action against the internet trolls.

She said: “Katie and Harvey’s legal team have been made aware that social media sites have taken very concrete steps to prevent future abuse and misuse of Harvey’s life.

“Social media sites do not discriminate and harass victims. Harvey’s case is about proving that the people who have been harassing Harvey need to be held to account. These actions will continue.”