Things have gotten pretty chaotic so far in the presidential election season, with reports of Jared Kushner being called a liar, the Trump dossier leading to the resignation of the CIA director, and now the Trump campaign’s real estate scandal.

However, the primary source of the political drama is probably, well, ourselves. Each day, we watch the crazy, confusing, inexplicable events of the campaign’s 2018 shellacking until the truth gets out — or until the sinister people in the Trump campaign can figure out what exactly went down, or when.

We write up the story, and over time, it gets better, or becomes just marginally better, depending on what each mainstream outlet is reporting. We wonder whether CNN has the inside scoop on Bill Clinton’s sexual trysts with intern Monica Lewinsky, or if MSNBC’s Chris Matthews got hacked, or whether our post-mortems will include the revelation that there was an actual election hacking-gone-wrong.

And then we get to the almost-completed project of making a list of the utter lameness (incorrect) and incompetence (intriguing) of the Trump campaign and their inability to tie it to Russia, Trump himself or the election.

It is a ruthless, bloody task, but somehow we manage to keep at it. So we ask you for your help.

Attention President Trump and Trump supporters: If you want to get a better sense of the current state of affairs in the White House or inside the Trump campaign, we recommend reading the leaked wiretap transcript of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. It really is remarkable, you may ask? Read on!

If you want to play along, here’s the Google video of the alleged “crime” involving the communication about the election.

If you want to do your own channel-curating (via Twitter and Reddit), we recommend examining and remixing several articles about how the Trump campaign’s fraud team worked on that infamous “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” attack ad.