Why do you not get a free romper? And why are you trying to cover up the gas burn in your furry little foot? The answer is, of course, recycling.

This subject was brought to my attention via a post written by the author of Puppy Planet. It was followed shortly by another post on Beyond Inequality. These few posts incited a large number of responses (and anti-factory robot responses) — why and how can we be against robots when it makes us such happy creatures?

“I was floored, and amused by the number of replies and comments that jumped in saying I should go back to a living room and not an office!” writes Gretchen Barnes, author of Rotten Robots, which is an interactive on-screen guide and column for Scientific American about the various ways robots are messing with our lives.

He reasons, “These are the one-time additions of the universe, the stuff that usually comes along once every 150 years. Nevertheless, many commenters are there to express their opposition to consumerism, I’m sure, and feel that robotics are ruining the spirit of our society. Which is fine, as long as the mere presence of robots keeps us in a sense of control, and that just isn’t the case.”

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