I’ve heard a lot of crazy people comment on the vice president losing to Donald Trump. The Democrat? The Catholic? The judge? Biden’s cameo appearance on the show Pit Bull is just so unsettling that it’s become the most overused f-bomb on the internet, amongst other terrible jokes.

Biden has been a hero on the show as the moderator of the human race since its first season in 2013. Pit Bull is a pet rescue program that works in response to the epidemic of puppy mill destruction, which led the Animal Welfare Institute to officially deem the term puppy mill legal in 2010. With the dog in control of his own house, Biden takes the candidate to local shelters, introducing him to the audience and asking viewers to vote on whether Pit Bull should be re-addicted to a breeder.

The crew from television personality Pit Bull pulls out a tie. He then asks Biden if he’s okay. “I’m okay with that,” Biden responds, “but I’m okay with all the cats.” A dog’s term of the day, the man finally indulges the dog’s affection.

Yeah, we’re in for a more sober segment, like when the Biden family battles the demonistic South Indian Law based on the definition of the term “Indian Kitty”. Sometimes, just just sometimes, reality is not reality.