Jerusalem, Sep 7 (IANS) US Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday invited President Emmanouil Biden to visit Jerusalem next spring and how to enhance the historical ties between Israel and the US.

According to the release of the Pence-Biden coordination in Israel, according to sources at the West Bank’s Haleiwa Settlement on Tuesday evening, senior US officials held “productive discussions” there about the US Deputy Secretary of State, the Israel-US relationship and ways of strengthening the relationship that will bolster peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

The release quoted Pence as telling Biden that America is pleased with the energy and momentum behind building confidence in Israeli-Palestinian dialogue.

He emphasised the need to strengthen dialogue so that the United States, as the only state with direct peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, can realize its dream of a two-state solution.

The release quoted Pence as saying that the two-state solution, as a practical matter, is still possible and said that the peace process is not doomed but not dead as long as it is both “serious and credible”.

The release also quoted Pence as calling for the United States to increase US involvement in the creation of a Palestinian state and “enhance its role, under its stewardship, in stemming the flow of all foreign terrorists and terrorists into our region”.

“If the Palestinians cannot see such progress as a reality, then the only thing that is true is deception,” Pence said.