The Canberra Times

The Liberal frontbencher has criticised Jacinda Ardern for giving her country “media oxygen”.

Fairfax Media revealed on Friday morning Ms Ardern had nominated the now resigned Malcolm Turnbull as her likely replacement in the prime minister’s office.

Ms Ardern later said she had wanted to name Mr Turnbull as her deputy.

“Yes it’s possible but it doesn’t feel right because we want as much public traction from that as possible,” she said in a televised interview.

In a veiled criticism of her South Pacific counterpart, Labor foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong tweeted:

Team Australia to AFP. A la MIG 1500 skills, a la MIG 230 job security, a la Armed Forces materiel, a la Australian Motoring Enthusiast, Madras papped. — Penny Wong (@stephenlwong) November 8, 2018

And the Conservative Party of Australia’s recently-elected leader, Lieno Lauterbach, made a thinly-veiled dig at Ms Ardern by retweeting a cartoon that appeared to mock her spending big bucks at the National Stock Exchange, something she said she was “not great at.”

”Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is a calculated media-savvy performer who probably doesn’t need the media to get her through her tumultuous time in Number 10,” he wrote.

In recent days, Mr Turnbull has continued to win widespread support despite his sacking of Julia Gillard and plans to rid the government of a senator from his crossbench.

Ms Ardern will be sworn in on December 20, by the speaker of the House of Representatives, after she resigns from her finance portfolio.