Marlo Thomas: While on a U.S. solo holiday, I met my husband, Darryl Farley! I decided to write this blog post to let people know how beautiful our new son Ishmael is!

I still love most of the things I do in my life. Traveling. Baseball. Golf. Religion. Meeting people. Reading books. Dancing. Friends.

But I also do this little thing that we used to do when we were dating, but didn’t care that much anymore. The other night I logged on to the Tinder website and I had a new friend that I liked, and it was only recently that I started to get more interested in dating others.

So, I signed up. What I didn’t know was that all of the initial matches were women.

There had already been one match, but Darryl only thought it might be her. And so he went on a bit of a date. It didn’t last and now she is single.

He is very good at having that dating feeling.

Darryl dated Katy Perry. So he’s good at knowing when to ignore her and when to get her more involved. There was a chapter of Famous Things I Like about Darryl that I have put up on MySpace.

It makes me want to let Darryl and Katy have their dates. They aren’t there alone, they are all around us. They have their doors and windows, and I feel beautiful when they are there. That is why I am just trying to preserve that feeling of exploration every time I have a new interest in people.

Darryl calls me on Facetime once a week. It is one of my favourite things to do. It is so much fun that the girls can’t help but share their favorite activities with him. When he asked me to dance, I knew I wanted to dance. This is one of the best days of the year I do this.

Darryl gets very jealous when he doesn’t have time to go out. He puts up these amazing, ridiculous YouTube videos to keep his mind stimulated and entertained.

I hate texting. I hate using the phone. I find it a very useless thing. Too many screens, too much time-consuming junk that I would rather spend the time concentrating on what I am doing.

Fingerprint scanners are an excellent alternative. If you have a finger scanner that allows you to do all of the things that I do, then you have nothing but a fantastic type of date. I can cross my fingers while the man I think is my date pats me on the head, and the matching takes place.

The one thing I do worry about is eating when we are out with our friends. As the captain of the ship, I am always aware of what is going on, but I am the captain and not the in. If we go out, I have no control over what I eat.

One of the best nights of the year when I have the pleasure of something I really like is when we go to a party. For me, it is one of the most delicious foods. If you are like me, you typically enjoy having company around, and most importantly, you get to know your friends.

So while I am definitely hoping that I will be dating again, I would really like to know what makes a good first date? I want to know what makes a good first encounter and trust me, I have lots of those.