The stadiums will host their final games of the regular season on Sunday December 31, with the championship left still up for grabs. But what are they doing for the fixtures in March and April?

Pep Guardiola: Liverpool will ease up on style

In Klopp’s defence, City had just won the title last season and have a vastly inferior squad to pick from.

Klopp has his own approach: “We are good not to concede early, not to concede second balls because that is a double whammy and it was a double for Chelsea and we need to learn from that again. We are very good in attack when the ball is wide and we need to work on that.

“We start a month of top teams being strong because first of all we want to try to develop the next generation, we have to invest in our development, we think they are good at two or three games. The first game is very important and then the others start again.”