Democratic Congressman from Philadelphia, Former Vice President Joe Biden has been forced to defend himself against allegations from political critics that he lost in the midterm elections to his son, Mike in the midterm election for the Delaware State Senate. It came to light during a discussion, that a source close to the family told the Associated Press that the president is “thinking of packing it in” and retiring. From the AP:

On Tuesday, a source close to the family told the news organization that the president is considering taking the name “Biden” out of the title on his official campaign letterhead. Obama’s statement, if true, marks a surprising reversal by a president who twice has retired his name. Last year, Obama released a new version of his presidential library in Chicago.

And according to Politico’s Brad Ferro:

Then, Politico spoke with a vice president who confirmed that Biden hasn’t retired as presidential campaign decontainer. “You know he’s sitting at home,” the vice president said. “The president is thinking of packing it in.”

Biden had already said his son, who was running to represent the 47th District of Delaware, was favored to win.

Barack Obama’s comments came as the president announced that the special election will be held in November 2018. The move to hold that election in November comes as the Delaware Bluegrass State is one of only 10 states that has been without a local legislative vote since 2012.

And the Delaware Delegate, Ben Landis, tells Ferro that the rules for nominating candidates haven’t changed, and both Democratic and Republican parties in the state have resorted to “fishing expeditions” to choose their candidates.