Editor in chief that while the company does not own the news site, they do co-own the editorial team that it looks after.

Much of the blog was also written by journalist Tamara Lavigne Gibson, former fiance of the editor who’s also the editor of Vice Media.

Gibson commented in a blog post on Medium: “These are personal things that you learn as you grow up in an industry like ours. And when we were both babies, I did not enjoy being a ‘power bitch’. And I certainly do not enjoy being editor of a news site.”

She and Ryan McGinley met at tech publications and then later graduated from a university in Washington DC to hit the entertainment sector.

The co-founder told Mashable that the entrepreneur majority owner of the business was someone they did not know.

He said: “It really wasn’t until the people I actually knew invested in us that there was a chance for this growth story to be sustainable.”

Since launching the site earlier this year the founders have been working to refocus the newsroom to keep up with the growth of their revenue model, and then head to a new cultural space, evolving their writer-led story-writing approach.

The transformation of the newsroom into a leaner, more profitable operation comes after a re-organisation at Vice Media last year that overhauled their entire enterprise model and eliminated a lot of the long-lasting parts of their business models that the management viewed as unnecessary.

Vice doesn’t own a news or editorial operation directly. A news and editorial operation for the company is run on a freelance basis by freelancers across several sites that is funded by advertising and money from Glam Media and Vice Media Ventures.

Vice Media is at present owned by Vivendi with BBC World News and VICE Media are also part of the parent company.